Platform 2022

California National Party 2022 Platform The California National Party was founded in 2015 to advocate purely for the people of California, without needing to compromise with far-off regions that share little of our culture and values. We are a diverse … Read More

Quick Reference Guide for Propositions

After evaluating the propositions appearing on California ballots, these were determined to be our official recommendations for voters. Prop 1 ― Constitutional Codification of Reproductive Freedom YES!! Prop 26 ― Constitutional Amendment to Allow In-person Roulette, Dice Games, and Sports … Read More

California Won’t Go Back!

Update: The Politico story has been verified by the US Supreme Court. // La historia del Politico ha sido verificada por la Suprema Corte de E.U. English: Para ver el contenido de la publication en español, por favor delizer hacia … Read More

Tackling a Crisis at the Crossroads

Our hearts drop at the news of Poe Jackson’s death. The increased subjugation of First Nationals, LGBTQA+ persons, and especially those who bridge the two communities, to violence and abuse is not only alarming but unacceptable. The higher rates of … Read More

California Needs UBI

Do you support Universal Basic Income (UBI)? Michael Loebs–the California National Party’s candidate for governor–is currently the only candidate on the recall ballot who supports UBI 100%. Several state experiments prove the benefits of UBI. In Stockton a UBI give-away … Read More

CNP Endorses Michael Loebs for Governor

Due to directionless leadership and a series of poor decisions, Gavin Newsom will soon face a recall election. In the wake of numerous crises affecting the State, California politics has reached a new low. The Republican Party, with its best … Read More

CNP Calls for Alison Collins’ Resignation

Last Thursday a contentious 5-2 vote by the San Francisco Board of Education saw Alison Collins removed from her position as board vice president. However, in a move worthy of former Iowa Rep. Steve King, she refuses to resign her … Read More

An Interview with Party Chair Michael Loebs

Question: Hello Michael. What’s your ‘day job’ and how did you get involved with the California National Party? Michael Loebs: I’m a lecturer in the Political Science department at San Francisco State University, where I focus primarily on the development … Read More

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