CNP Leadership Elections 2021

2021 CNP Leadership Election

CNP Members, we thank you for taking the time to vote in our internal party elections.  This election cycle we only have one candidate per position, but by participating in this election you help us refine our systems and prepare for contested future elections.  Click here to view the candidates' bio's, and thank you for your continued interest in the California National Party.

To be eligible to vote, you MUST be a registered or pre-registered member of the California National Party, or

  • be at least 16 yrs old, and
  • an adult permanent resident of California unable to register to vote, or
  • an adult Californian living abroad.

You will be asked to attest to this when you submit your vote below.

If you're not yet registered with the CNP please take this opportunity to do so - for instructions see our REGISTER page - then come back here and vote!


Please check the box(es) below to endorse the candidate for each leadership position.