Why a California National Party?

It’s time for Californian independence.

California is a Nation, not just a State.  We have a unique identity, values, and culture.  Our population is larger than Canada, our industries export the future, and with the 5th largest economy in the world we are more than capable of making our own way.

Californians receive 1/70th of the representation per person in the US Senate that an American in Wyoming receives and 1/3 the representation per person in the electoral college. American political parties love to fund raise here but do not even pretend to care about our issues. Is it any wonder we get such an incredibly bad deal from them?

In 2012, Californians paid $292,563,574,000 in US federal taxes. During that same year we received back approximately $0.78 for every dollar paid while states like Mississippi and Louisiana that constantly complain about “entitlements” got more that $2 for every $1 they paid.  That extra money came out of our pockets.  More than 20% of the federal taxes Californians paid – $59 billion in total – was spent on direct subsidies to other states.  That’s equivalent to 2/3 of our entire state budget that year.  Meanwhile our contributions to the US military budget totaled more than $57 billion – more than $1,808.09 a second! Russia’s entire defense budget in 2015 was $52 billion.  We are paying enough to be a super-power but have no control over where, when or how our military will be deployed.

Over and over again our wealth is squandered and our needs go unmet.

Imagine if the Democrats and Republicans had to negotiate with a Californian party in order to get the votes to pass their budgets instead of simply demanding fealty from local branch offices that are controlled from Washington DC.  At minimum, we could ensure that we would never again be forced to spend billions on wasteful subsidies to swing states while our schools and infrastructure crumble.  At best, we can help our nation – California – take it’s rightful place in the family of nations.

California is already a major world power, it’s time we started acting like it.  It’s time to invest in California. It’s time for the California National Party.